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Charcoal fired Sourdough flatbread, 24hr leavened, milled nuts, wild spice with cultured ‘gold top’ butter £7.00

Gratinated sunchoke £6.00

Half Kentucky fried quail, confit garlic, fermented ramson £4.50

Barbecued heritage carrots, hogweed seeds, smoked butter £4.50

Wild marinated Nocellara del Belice olives £4.00


all served in 35g portions with pickles and kohlrabi remoulade

Cured and aged in-house from heritage breeds bought direct from farmers. Crafted using ancient

processes and ingredients provided by the land at the time of curing. A seasonal snapshot.

Over-aged 'Nduja – full cure, hard, spicy, fast fermented sausage, fine grind, hung for 6 months. £8.50

‘Jamon’ of Welsh Mangalitza – Aged for 18 months and ‘sweated’ for two weeks. This is our oldest piece. Deep ruby flesh, creamy nutty fat with a low melting point makes for a delightful mouth feel. The provenance of this exceptional Mangalitza shines through in the flavour which is concentrated. And well balanced with pleasant and moreish salt. £23.00

Cold smoked Chalk Stream TroutA medium cured, light smoked trout. Texture is giving but pleasantly firm, sweet and saline with undertones of oak smoke that linger softly after. £7.50

Yoghurt Charcoal Salame – Black in appearance, made with Tamworth and Mangalitza, well developed fruity and pleasantly sour with undertones of yogurt and cream. £7.00

Wild Chestnut SalameCoarsely ground blend of Mangalitza & Tamworth, cured with spices & red wine. Forward tanginess from extended four day fermentation, complex and earthy with a soft texture, hung for ten months. £8.00

Broths & Stews

Actually Wild Mushroom Cobbler - Stewed mushrooms, foraged by us or our friends, served with savoury scones £13.50

Gamekeeper’s Broth - Barbecued haunch of Stour Valley Fallow deer, Duck liver chipolata and wild rabbit with pearl barley, root veg and a broth of pheasant and partridge £17.50

British Palourde Clams and Ratte Potato Chowder, Tamworth Ham Hock, Wild Sea Veg £14.00

Native Wild Curry with Cultured Yogurt, Partridge, Sourdough Naan - A curry, made from a selection of 12 native herbs and spices, collected throughout the course of a year. Each herb or spice is specifically selected and processed to mirror conventional herbs and spices from the Far East. £16.00

Fries with pickled San Marzano tomato and dark chocolate ketchup small £4.50 large £7.50

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75g Served with music bread crackers, blackcurrant and marrow chutney and

2019 vintage green walnuts from our tree

Single cheese £6.50 Two cheeses £11.00 Three cheeses £16.50

Choose from:

Alpen CheddarAn unusual hybrid of Swiss-style Alpine cheese and English cheddar, semi hard, great chewy texture

Sussex BrieSoft and mild British brie

Beauvale – A Cropwell Bishop blue, soft creamy and mellow with a slightly salty tang

The Diddy Little OneMade in-house by John, Semi-hard cow’s cheese, creamy and mild, texture is reminiscent of a goat’s cheese, three months aged


Hay mousse, watermint and damsons £5.50

Soft centered coffee dark chocolate cake, sea buckthorn £7.00


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